UKAI Brooklyn × Hiroo Okumura Tea Paring Party

Date : March 20th, 2021
Location: French Kaiseki Hiroo Okumura

A tea pairing event was held at Hiroo Okumura, a Kaiseki French restaurant from Gion, Kyoto, featuring three kinds of organic herb teas and three kinds of desserts using each tea produced by UKAI Brooklyn.
The patissier of Hiroo Okumura developed the menu for this event, and both the herbal teas and desserts were well received.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participants was limited, but thanks to all the guests, the event quickly filled up and both kids and adults enjoyed this event.

【Organic Chamomile Tea for Good Sleep】
An organic blended tea with a sweet and gentle chamomile scent and a mint and lemon scent that spreads afterwards.
It is also recommended before going to bed or when you want to take a break.
【Organic fennel Tea For a Healthy Lifestyle】
An organic blended tea with a slightly fragrant and sweet taste of organic oolong tea that has a refreshing mouth-feel.
A well-balanced blend that is easy to match with your meal.
【Organic Hatomugi Tea For Babies & Kids】
An organic blended tea that focuses on the quality of the “fragrance” and “sweetness” of natural ingredients, with the theme of helping children develop their dietary education and taste.
The aroma of Hatomugi and the gentle sweetness of rooibos are a blend that both parents and children can enjoy.

The tea bags are made of biodegradable material made from corn, which can be returned to the soil when placed in compost.
This product is made from non-petroleum materials and is friendly to both people and the earth.

French Kaiseki Hiroo Okumura
〒150-0012 5-6-6, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012